Est. 2008


SUPERIOR CARE world – specialized, functional Super Premium complete dry food for dogs and cats with special needs.


To find and to choose the most suitable feed, which meets the common and special needs of your dog or cat, is certainly a challenging activity. That is why we are always ready to take care of your pet’s best daily nutrition. 

Cat’s Agree offers a variety of flavours to cater to different cat’s taste buds. Tasty and rich, yet healthy for cats as they are all low in fats and calories. Most importantly, our products are especially selected from the finest raw material of chickens, all kind of fishes and seafood.

Belif Pet Food is originally produced from Lithuania, located at the Eastern of Europe. It was the least polluted country in the world. After 20 years of researching in the industry, Belif Pet Food made their products high of protein that is good for pets.

WHEN PERFECTION IS THE ONLY OPTION. Dog show enthusiasts and professional groomers all over the world rely on us to provide high quality tools, …

When your dog won’t stop whining or your cat won’t stop scratching, find the right answers that will put your mind (and your heart) at ease.

Brushing a dogs coats is an essential part of grooming for more reasons than just getting tangles out! It helps to stimulate a shiner, healthier coat and also help the dog to relax which in-turn can help the dog to trust you more when grooming

Balanced mixture of fatty acids, biotin, zinc and vitamin B6 helps to maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.